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    • Includes:
      • Alcohol prep pad.
      • Metal Adson forceps, serrated (4.75").
      • Metal iris scissors, 4.5".
      • PVP prep pad.
      • Woven gauze, 3" x 3" (8-Ply).
    • Not made with natural rubber latex.
    • Sterile. 


    Benefits to FTM / MTF / Gender Confirmation Bottom & FTM / Gender Confirmation Top Surgery Recovery: includes 1 metal iris scissors (4.5”), 1 metal adson forceps serrated (4.75”), for trimming, and insertion/removal of dressings.  Scissors can also be used to cut gauze, xeroform, non-adhesive pads, and/or medical tape, etc. to the desired size.  

    McKesson Suture Removal Kit with Metal Forceps & Scissors