We would like to thank everyone for your contribution in making gender confirmation surgery a possibility.  Without your guidance and healthcare, Trans Recovery Supply would not exist today.  We will be forever grateful for Koen Baum, Patricia Nakamura, Silvana Filmore,  Dr. Ali Salim, Dr. Christie Cooksey, Dr. Curtis Crane, Dr. Daniel Rosenstein, Dr. Jennifer Slovis, Dr. Mang Chen, Dr. Michael Brownstein, and all care staff workers at Dimensions Clinic and Kaiser Permanente Gender Pathways Clinic in San Francisco, CA., Kaiser Permanente Multi-Specialty Transitions Clinic in Oakland, CA., and Brownstein & Crane Surgical Services in Greenbrae, CA.
We would especially like to thank our dearest friends and family for accepting us for who we truly are. 

                                                                          - TRS