Our Journey

"Encountering several complications, a number of failed procedures, and undergoing revision surgeries that followed made my gender confirmation journey feel endless.  No matter how painful recovering from gender confirmation surgery could be, never lose hope, keep going, and don't stop until you've reached the end of your transition journey.

Yet, you have endured the hardest part of all.  Living a false life in the wrong body and surviving to this day shows how strong you really are.  With that, the obstacles of recovery should be a small hurdle you have to overcome compared to what you have already gone through so far in your life." 

- Anen, Founder and Co-owner


"I have experienced secondhand the pain, sickness, negative emotions, frustration, and complications that came with each of Anen's post-op surgeries.  Despite feeling like I had nothing left in me to alleviate all of this, I pushed to get Anen to recover as soon as possible and each time that he did, it was a step closer for him to being complete.  Our journey yet continues, and being a part of this process and never giving up will only make us stronger than we had ever imagined."

-Heidi, Co-Founder and Co-owner



     Trans Recovery Supply (TRS) specializes in medical supplies and products for postoperative (post-op) Gender Nonconforming surgeries and Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS), also referred to as Gender Affirming Surgery (GAS), Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS), Genital Reassignment Surgery (GRS), or Female-to-Male (FTM) or Male-to-Female (MTF) surgeries

     TRS offers complete and custom recovery kits for such surgeries.  Post-op supplements, scar care, and daily wound care kits are also available for continued recovery.  In addition, information on how these products and supplies can help through the recovery process is provided.


How it started 

     TRS started with two individuals and their first- and secondhand experiences through FTM Top Surgery, Hysterectomy, and FTM Bottom Surgery starting in 2009.  With the nervousness settling in before each surgery, there was no solid plan on which products to select for post-op care. 

     Comfort and saving money was key, and it was not until 2016 where they realized how much money, time, research, and frustration was spent through the seven- Stage 1, 2, and 3 FTM Bottom Surgeries (four of them being revisions) to come up with post-op care that would be more timely and convenient.



     Like most of us, we started with the post-op instructions through our doctors.  We got what we needed from our desired stores, but when complications set in, our selected products either didn’t work, ran out quickly, or were not available.

     With that, there were many trips to stores due to products that weren't enough in quantity.  We looked into purchasing products online, usually from multiple retailers, which caused the inconvenience of multiple shipping and handling fees and having to anticipate when each product will arrive.  That’s when we started doing our research.  Our products were personally tested and/or carefully selected through:


  • Highly rated reviews.
  • Products used and recommended from numerous gender reassignment surgeons and healthcare professionals related to preoperative (pre-op) FTM/MTF/Gender Confirmation surgery. 
  • Knowing products that are currently being used in healthcare establishments.
  • Recommendations from personal contacts, blogs, forums, and videos from those who have undergone FTM/MTF/Gender Confirmation surgeries.
  • Ratings/reviews along with limited ingredients contained in supplements.



     Our hope is to save you time in researching for the most effective post-op supplies and products, offering options to meet your recovery needs, and having the convenience of purchasing all of your products in one place with one shipping and handling fee.  Your kit will be delivered to you without having you leave the comfort of your own space, especially during your time of healing.



     We hope our recovery kits, products offered, and advice would aid you through your post-op recovery.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Feel free to contact us for any questions, concerns, and/or comments.  Together, recovery can't be any easier than this.  Here’s to recovery and a step closer to who you are destined to be.