Q & A


What are my payment options?

American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted directly from our site.  PayPal, Apple Pay*, and Lay-Buy** are also accepted.  Purchase Orders are not accepted.

*Apple Pay is available using Safari on iOS 10 or macOS Sierra.

**Lay-Buy is a layaway payment option.


Can you ship internationally?

Transrecoverysupply.com currently ships within the U.S. and Canada only.


Why was I charged sales tax?

We are required to collect sales tax on orders. 


How do you charge shipping?

Shipping charges are calculated by the weight and size of the kit.  The total weight of our Post-op Recovery Kits ranges from 1.5 pounds to 26 pounds.  Charges will be displayed in the shopping cart before any payment information is required. 

*Canadian residents are responsible for paying duty fees upon the supplies'/kit's arrival and fees are calculated by the border officer based on the supplies' Country/Region of Origin and Harmonized System (HS) code associated with the supply.


How soon should I expect to receive my order?

You should expect your kit to arrive within *2 weeks (United States residents only). 

For a kit that has been paid in full from the Lay-Buy Payment Plan option within 3 business days from the down payment, you should expect your kit to arrive within *8 business days (United States residents only).

Handling time from our store can take up to 3 business days (excluding Saturdays & Sundays).

Depending on the shipping option you choose and your shipping destination, shipping will then be between **1 and 8 business days (excluding Sundays, United States residents only).  Once your kit ships, you will be notified of the estimated delivery time. You will also be notified should there be any delays.


*United States residents: expecting your kit within 2 weeks or within 8 business days when paid in full within 3 days through the Lay-Buy Payment Plan option is not guaranteed as handling issues and shipping delays through our shipping carrier can occur.  We recommend placing an order on your kit 3 weeks prior to when it is needed. 

**Canadian residents should expect longer shipping timeframes.  This will be determined during checkout.  Restrictions may apply.  Please contact us before placing your order.


Do you offer expedited shipping?

Expedited shipping (Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express) is available for our Post-op Supplements and Scar Care Kits and most of our supplies, excluding kits and some supplies that contain liquids and alcohol.  Due to our shipping provider’s policy, hazardous materials (such as our saline wound wash, alcohol prep pads, etc.) cannot be shipped by air and must be shipped via ground transportation (1 to 8 business days for United States residents only; excluding the 1-3 business day handling time).

If you select Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express for a kit or a supply/supplies that contain hazardous materials, you will be contacted for alternate shipping options. Depending on your shipping destination (within a certain amount of miles from our shipping location), your kit/supply/supplies may be shipped via Priority Mail/Priority Mail Express.

Please contact us for additional information on how we process kit(s)/supplies that contain hazardous materials. 


*If placing an order on a kit that contains hazardous materials:

We recommend placing your order 3 weeks prior to when the kit is needed.  This allows your kit to be delivered in one shipment and if required to be shipped via ground transportation.  This also accounts for any issues that can occur when processing your order or unexpected delays through our shipping carrier.

Canadian residents should expect longer shipping timeframes.  This will be determined during checkout.  Restrictions may apply.  Please contact us before placing your order.


What if I'm in need of my order within the handling and shipping timeframe?

Please contact us before placing your order.  Additional fees and restrictions may apply.


My kit contains a lot of supplies and I'm concerned that it will get lost or stolen.  How will I know my kit will get to me?

For kits that cost $55 or more, you will have access to tracking updates and your kit will require a signature upon arrival.  If no one is available to provide a signature for your kit once it reaches your shipping destination, the shipping carrier will leave a notice for the kit to be delivered at another time.


Can I opt-out of signature confirmation for my kit?

If you would like to opt-out of signature confirmation, please contact us within 3 days of placing your order.  Trans Recovery Supply is not responsible for any kit that has been lost during shipment without signature confirmation or stolen.  A refund cannot be issued.  If 3 days have passed after placing your order, your kit will require signature confirmation and this process cannot be undone.


Where can I find product expiration information?

Our supplies are guaranteed not to expire for at least 60 days from receipt, most supplies expire much later.  Some supplies do not expire, thus, no expiration date is listed.

An exception to expiration dates is for supplies that are on sale.  Supplies ordered on sale may expire within the same week from receipt.  These supplies would be those that are assumed to be used right away, such as a single non-adherent dressing that would need to be changed daily. 


I received my order, but I do not want the supply/supplies anymore. How do I return it?

You may return new, unopened supplies sold by transrecoverysupply.com within 30 days of purchase for a full refund (excluding shipping and handling charges).  Supplies should be returned in their original product packaging.  Supplies purchased on sale are non-refundable.  We will pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of our error (defective/damaged or incorrect item).  Please see our Returns & Refunds page for further instructions. 


How do I know your site is secure?

At transrecoverysupply.com, the security of your personal and financial information is extremely important to us.  Please see our Security Policy page to learn how we ensure confidentiality and security in your online shopping experience. 


Note: these policies may be subject to change.