Product Benefits For Recovery

ABD Pads: aids in preventing leakage from urine, blood, and discharge while providing padding.  Could be used to elevate phallus from FTM phalloplasty surgery to reduce post-op swelling.  

Adaptic Non-Adhering Gauze Wound Dressing: aids in protecting regenerating tissue.  Non-adhesive dressing that contains ingredients in preventing loss of body fluids and retaining moisture while collecting drainage for healing skin grafts for FTM phalloplasty surgeries, such as Radial Forearm (RF), Anterolateral Thigh (ALT), and Musculocutaneous Latissimus Dorsi (MLD). 

     Note: highly recommended product versus Xeroform Gauze Dressing by Dr. Crane from Brownstein & Crane Surgical Services. Easier removal from skin grafts.

Adult Washcloths: cleanses the genital area and other body parts when showering is not permitted immediately after surgery.

Alcohol Prep Pads: disinfects medical items (e.g. surgical scissors, forceps, catheter plug) before and after use, as well as drainage tubes.  Useful for getting adhesive residue off of your skin.

        Tip: useful to disinfect post-surgical drains and catheter plugs/valves before and after urination to prevent/reduce Urinary Tract Infections (UTI's).

Antibacterial Hand Soap: aids in cleaning incisions/surgical wounds.  Used to remove germs from hands before wound care is performed to minimize the risks of infections, and helps with cleaning MTF dilators before and after each use.

Antibiotic Ointment: aids in decreasing risk of infections from surgical sites, such as small open wounds, drain holes and for nipple dressings (FTM top surgery), suture areas (Vaginoplasty), and partial graft loss (Phalloplasty).  Keeps areas moist such as the skin graft behind glands (Glansplasty).  Relieves discomfort where the catheter is exiting from the phallus (Urethroplasty).   

Back Scratcherhelpful immediately after surgery. Wound(s) healing and taking narcotic pain medications may cause itchiness to the skin/wound(s).  Provides instant relief to itchy skin in hard to reach areas, while preventing the need to stretch too hard to reach areas of the body, causing post-op pain/strain to incisions.

Belted Shields Undergarmentscaptures urinary leakage (e.g. post-void dribbling and/or from bladder spasms), and discharge from bottom surgery surgical sites. Easy to remove using one hand and provides phallus support for FTM. 

Benadrylover-the-counter medication that provides relief from itching- a possible side effect of wound healing and taking narcotic pain medications during recovery.

Bio-Oil: aids in reducing the appearance and raising of scars. 

Catheter Plug: used when plugging the end of the catheter tube in place of the catheter bag once instructed to urinate through new urination site or for individuals with urethral strictures that are using a catheter for a prolonged period of time. 

        Tip: use gloves or wash hands with soap and water as well as disinfect area around plug before and after emptying urine from the catheter (also disinfect plug) to aid in preventing urinary tract infections (UTI).

Catheter Tube Holdera bandage that is placed on the body, which contains a velcro or plastic clamp that secures the catheter in place and provides comfort.  Reduces the risk of accidental catheter removal, tugging, twisting, dangling of catheter, urethral erosion, bladder spasms, and trauma.  Also, could be used to hold FTM top surgery drains in place.

Cold/Hot Compress: relieve pain, bruising, and reduces swelling from the surgical site.

Compression Sleevefor individuals who had the Radial Forearm Phalloplasty.  Help reduce the appearance of scars on the donor's arm and protects scars from sunlight once the scars are healed.  Also, provides protection for thin and fragile skin tissue.

    Note: recommended by numerous post-op FTM patients/surgeons.

Compression Stockingsrecommended to be worn after surgery until you are able to move around freely.  Used to prevent blood clots from developing in the legs.

Digital Thermometeraids in temperature monitoring, such as checking for fevers that could be caused by infections. 

 Note: Fevers greater than 101.5 F, could be considered a medical emergency during recovery.  

Disposable Douche: used for routine cleanings following the vaginoplasty surgery.  Naturally cleanses, freshens, and removes odor-causing bacteria in the vagina.

Donut Cushion: relieves pressure/pain and prevents the risk of suture tearing/complications from surgical site when sitting.

Elastic Bandage with Velcroprovides extra support and protection over dressings placed on skin grafts from FTM bottom surgery, such as the Anterolateral Thigh (ALT) or Radial Forearm (RF) phalloplasty.  Can be worn over nipple grafts from FTM top surgery. Help reduce post-op swelling/inflammation.

Flexible Straws: aids in drinking fluids more easily and reduces straining to incision sites.

Gauze: used for cleaning wounds, as a dressing, and keeping surgical site(s) dry from excessive blood and discharge, moisture, and post-void dribbling/leakage.

Gauze Bandage Rollsused as a dressing to wrap around skin grafts/donor sites, such as the Radial Forearm (RF) or Anterolateral Thigh (ALT) for FTM phalloplasty surgeries.  Can be used to elevate the phallus when needed to improve blood circulation and reduce postoperative swelling.

Ginger Gravol (organic): a natural product that contains ginger, which reduces nausea and vomiting as a result of a side effect after receiving anesthesia during surgery and from the use of narcotic pain medications.

Gloves: aids in preventing the risk of infection and illness when caring for wounds.

Grabber Pick Up Tool: aids in preventing and reducing post-op incisions from being strained.  While recovering from a gender confirmation surgery, using a grabber pick up tool helps with reaching and grabbing dropped objects.  Good for reaching items from up high and down to the floor without the need to bend. 

Hand Mirror: for viewing and aiding care for hard to see surgical wounds.

Hand Sanitizer: aids in removing germs from hands before wound care is performed to minimize the risks of infections.  Also keeps hands clean to reduce the chance of getting a urinary tract infection during catheter care, emptying urine from the drainage bag into the toilet, or switching between leg bag/night bag during (FTM or MTF) bottom surgery recovery.  Reduces unwanted germs and bacteria on hands during post-surgical drain care, while recovering from FTM top surgery. 

Healing/Moisturizing Ointments: soothes and heals irritated skin from rashes and chafing due to moisture, urinary leakage, and discharge; friction from pads, adult diapers/belted undergarments; and constant cleaning of the affected area(s).  Also heals and protects newly formed skin.

Hydrogen Peroxide: effective at killing bacteria that could cause infections in wounds.  A solution used to clean wounds before replacing a dressing.

Incontinence Guards for Men and Pads for Women (includes thin liners): used in place of adult diapers/belted undergarments when briefs or underwear is preferred.  Captures urinary leakage (e.g. post-void dribbling and/or from urinary bladder spasms), and discharge from bottom surgery surgical sites.

Inflatable Neck Pillow: provides neck support and allow the body to comfortably sit up during recovery.   

Laxative/Stool Softenerrelieves constipation as a result of a side effect from taking narcotic pain medications during recovery. 

     Note: recommended to be taken daily while on narcotic pain medications to avoid severe constipation and complications from possible risk of splitting sutures during bowel movements.

Lubricant: aids in MTF post-op dilation and FTM phalloplasty post-op complications, where a dilator is needed to expand strictures within the urinary site.

     Note: surgeons recommend water-based lubrication and to avoid silicone-based lubricants.

Mederma Scar Cream +SPF 30 Sunscreenaids in reducing the appearance of surgery scars caused by incisions and/or skin grafts.  Protects top surgery scar from sun exposure, which can darken the appearance and make the scar more noticeable.

Medihoney: wound care products containing Leptospermum Honey in the form of a dressing, gel, and paste.  Aids in preventing the risk of infections, healing of major wounds or wounds that won't heal.  Known to treat wound complications from FTM bottom surgeries, such as fistulas.  

     Note: recommended by FTM patients and included in post-op instructions from Brownstein & Crane Surgical Services.

Mesh Underpants: reusable/disposable light underwear that allows air through groin area/surgical site, aiding in preventing excessive moisture buildup, wound and urinary tract infections (UTI's), chafing, and pressure to FTM phallus caused from adult diapers and other undergarments.

     Tip: use along with a pad to avoid leakage through the underwear.

Non-Adherent Sterile Pads: contains non-stick material. Used to lightly drain wounds from surgical sites and prevents wound irritation and injury during dressing changes from FTM Top surgery (for nipples) or FTM bottom surgery Phalloplasty (e.g. for glans from the Glansplasty procedure).

     Tip: for wound complications, such as fistulas or infections that require antibiotic ointment or Medihoney to be placed over wounds, non-adherent pads can be placed over the treatment to prevent absorption versus the use of regular gauze dressing, which would adhere to the treatment.

No Rinse Bathing Wipes: temporarily cleanses body when showering is not permitted immediately after surgery.

No Rinse Body Bath: temporarily cleanses body when showering is not permitted immediately after surgery.

No Rinse Shampoo: cleanses hair without water when showering is not permitted immediately after surgery.

No Rinse Shampoo & Body Wash: cleanses hair and body without water when showering is not permitted immediately after surgery.

Petroleum Jellysoothes and heals irritated skin, such as skin donor sites, suture lines, and skin grafts. 

Rose Hip Seed Oil (Organic): a natural product in reducing appearance and raising of scars.

       Note: recommended from FTM’s who used it on top surgery scars and bottom surgery skin grafts.  This product was effective in reducing severe keloid scarring and itchiness.

Saline Wound Wash: a sterile solution that removes debris from wounds after cleaning the wound with wound cleanser

Scar Gel: aids in reducing the appearance of surgery scars caused by incisions and/or skin grafts. 

Self-Adherent Wrap: elastic gauze that secures dressings to wounds and Xeroform/Adaptic Non-Adhering Gauze Wound Dressing wrapped with gauze for skin grafts/donor sites, such as those from the Anterolateral Thigh (ALT) or Radial Forearm (RF) phalloplasty procedures.  Adds protection to dressings and surgical sites.  Also, aids in reducing post-operative swelling. 

Silicone Scar Sheet/tape: aids in reducing the appearance of scars.  Helps reduce raised, firm, and thickened post-op scars caused by incisions and/or skin grafts.


Arnica Montana: homeopathic medicine that aids in relieving pain from trauma (surgery) and discomfort from muscle soreness and stiffness, as well as healing bruises.

Bromelainhas anti-inflammatory effects that help ease post-op pain, reduce swelling, bruising, and speeds-up healing and recovery time.

D-Mannose: simple sugar structurally related to glucose, aids in treating urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Fish Oil: helps with reducing inflammation after surgery.

Graphiteshomeopathic medicine that helps reduce raised, firm, and thickened post-op scars caused by incisions and/or skin grafts. 

Juven Therapeutic Nutrition Powder: increases the rate of wound healing and helps support the immune system.

Probiotics (including L. Acidophilus): live microorganisms aid in treating diarrhea due to infections/antibiotic-associated diarrhea supports the immune system.  Help in reducing infections and complications after surgery.  Also aids in decreasing the risk of having a urinary tract infection during FTM/MTF bottom surgery recovery.  

Selenium: aids in reducing swelling and inflammation after surgery.  Boosts the immune system to keep the body healthy during recovery.  

Staphysagria: homeopathic medicine that promotes healing of surgical wounds. 

Thiosinaminum: homeopathic medicine that aids in dissolving scar tissue.

Vitamin A: promotes skin healing, collagen production, and supports cell growth.  

Vitamin B12: aids in red blood cell formation and nerve health.

Vitamin C: used to make collagen, a protein required to heal wounds;  acts as an antioxidant to support the immune system.

Vitamin D3: aids the immune system and neuromuscular function as well as reduction of inflammation.

Zinc: a mineral that aids the immune system in fighting off bacteria/viruses; aids wound healing.

Squeezable Bottlehelps keep the genital and rectal area clean after urination or bowel movement. Could be used with diluted soap in warm water.

Surgical Tape: holds gauze/dressings, bandages, and catheter/drainage tubes in place.

Suture Removal Kitincludes 1 metal iris scissors (4.5”), 1 metal adson forceps serrated (4.75”), for trimming, and insertion/removal of dressings.  Scissors can also be used to cut gauze, xeroform, non-adhesive pads, and/or medical tape, etc. to the desired size.  

Throat Dropsreduces irritation to the throat, tongue, and vocal cords after receiving general anesthesia and from the insertion of the endotracheal tube down the throat during surgery.  Relieves dry mouth as a result of a side effect from post-op narcotic pain, bladder spasm, and anti-nausea medications.

Tylenol Extra Strengthover-the-counter medication that temporarily relieves mild to moderate pain.  For use when prescribed narcotic pain medications are no longer needed or a substitute for those who are allergic to/prefer not to take narcotics during recovery. 

Underpad: used on top of beds and furniture.  Aids in capturing drainage from surgical sites and flakes of dried blood from skin grafts and/or surgical sites.  Reduces contaminants to wounds from the bed/furniture and protects sensitive skin from moisture.  Useful during wound care and when sitting/sleeping.  Also used to reduce unwanted mess during MTF dilation.  

Vitamin E Oila natural product that could improve scars by aiding the skin to retain moisture while boosting collagen production.  Also helps to protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals. 

Wound Cleanser: a sterile solution that cleanses wounds, including before replacing a dressing.

Xeroform Gauze Dressing: non-adhesive dressing that contains ingredients in protecting/preventing loss of body fluids and retaining moisture while collecting drainage for healing skin grafts/donor sites for MTF Vaginoplasty procedures or FTM phalloplasty surgeries, such as Radial Forearm (RF), Anterolateral Thigh (ALT), and Musculocutaneous Latissimus Dorsi (MLD). It also reduces the risk of infection.

     Product alternative: Adaptic Non-Adhering Gauze Wound Dressing