• 76.2 cm x 91.4 cm.
  • Extra heavy absorbent polymer.
  • Includes adhesive strips to keep the pad in position.
  • Non-woven top sheet allows fluid to quickly pass through to the core. 
  • Provides the fullest incontinence protection, while neutralizing odors. 
  • Waterproof polypropylene back-sheet that protects against leakage. 


Benefits to FTM / MTF / Gender Confirmation Bottom Surgery Recoveryused on top of beds and furniture.  Aids in capturing drainage from surgical sites and flakes of dried blood from skin grafts and/or surgical sites.  Reduces contaminants to wounds from the bed/furniture and protects sensitive skin from moisture.  Useful during wound care and when sitting/sleeping.  Also used to reduce unwanted mess during MTF dilation. 

Covidien Wings Fluff and Polymer Underpads, 30" x 36", pack of 12